What is WD?

WorkDifferent is an online platform for professionals that rent free spaces in houses. We link these professionals to companies, which are looking for work place to those who have free spaces most of the time.


How to use WD in few words?

Find your ideal place

Find the work place of your dreams, privatize or share the coworking at the best price and send many offers to work places that you like, especially if it is urgent.

Speak with the host

Familiarize, ask your questions and complete your subscrition, describing the necessary equipments and services.

Book and enjoy

Confirm your booking, paying with credit card or bank transfer and receive your invoice immediately. You are going to love it and save money!


Is it possible to spend the night there?

The WorkDifferent is a daily renting service. However, you can always negociate with the host, specially in case of night eventes or retreats for several days, for example.


In which cases are these work places available?

The hosts indicate the places, showing them, however they can be flexible, therefore do not hesitate to discuss them together!


How to access the place?

It depends on how your organize with your host beforehand. The hosts will welcome you or provide you an alternative!


Is it possible to book a space in a regular basis?

Yes, many clients accept to rent a place for many days.


When can I use the place?

As soon as the host accepts your offer, you will be notified to confirm your booking and then to pay with credit card or through a bank transfer above a certain limit with additional taxes if necessary.


Which are the OfficeRiders’ services rates?

We charge a 10% fee on the rentings (3% to the Rider and 7% to the Host). We apply an additional of 10% on payments using bank transfer.
Extra services fee is 15%.


What should I do if there is any problem at the day of my booking?

You should contact your host. If the problem persists your are more than welcome to contact us through the phone number (00351)934330538 or through our email address (wd@workdifferent.com) and we will make every effort to resolve any issue that might come up.


Which are the WorkDifferent’s service rates?

To help manage the platform WorkDifferent we charge a variety of service taxes.

Work places’ taxes

When a reservation is confirmed we charge a service fee between 3% and 5% of the reservation subtotal.


Clients can check those charges at the check-in page before booking a place. The service fee to the client is based on many factors, inclunding the reservation subtotal, the reservation duration and the places’ characteristics. In general the higher reservations subtotals have less service fees charges.

Fees related to additional services and activities

Nowadays we charge a service fee of 5% of the reservations’ subtotal. T.V.A

VAT fees on service fees

Depending on the VAT fee at the current rate, the VAT fee can be charge along with the service fees of the Host and Riders. The service fee will include those VAT expenses, if applicable.



Which are the type of places, which can be found on the website?

The WorkDiffent gathers a wide range of options: houses, apartments, lofts, but also terraces, nice kitchen and artist studios and even caravans and villas!


Should we commit with the occupation period?

Here, one does not have a long contract, we are in favour of a flexible work! You pay for a half a day, for a day, a week or even for a month, according with the contract that you have with the host.


Is it possible to use all the rooms?

The riders use the places in many ways in order to conduct their business, but it is up to the host to define the bounderies. We have a zero tolerance policy to illegal activities and all the activities that the Host did not agreed on.


Which are my rights and duties as a Rider?

As a Rider (individual person or enterprise employee), it is possible to rent flexible places at WorkDifferent, private places offer by an individual (normally not subject to VAT) or by a professionals in some cases (the VAT fee will be charged in this case). You can not state the rented working place address as yours or as your companies’ address.


Can I negociate the price?

The platform allows you to negociate the price and the host can offer a counterproposal, depending on your request.


The other riders will be present?

The Coworking category gives access to shared work places with other Riders. Every others categories will give access to the whole place. Some hosts can sometimes be present and therefore they will indicate that on the booking.


How is the payment?

We accept credit cards and bank transfers! Please, note that payments through bank transfers have a 10% additional cost.


Is it possible to cancel a reservation?

You can cancel a reservation under the conditions on the cancellation policy defined by the host. Here are the WorkDifferent cancellation policies:

Flexible: Total Refund until 24 hours before using the place;
Moderate: 50% refund until 7 days before using the place;
Strict: 50& refund – 30 days before using the place.


Where can I find my booking details of my work place?

You can always find every booking details on “My reservations” section.


Is it possible to leave comments?

After every booking your opinion is asked through an observation and a comment. Trust is the key.


Who are the riders?

A variety of professionals that can request their work place. Depending on the type you need, the interested profiles can vary, from independents to great groups, through start-ups and small and medium enterprises. For example, freenlancers, coaches, junior entrepreneurs, journalists, workteams, or even culinary and yoga teacher!


What are these professionals going to do at my place?

Depending on the case, they will work, meet or produce. Before confirming the booking, the rider is asked to tell you more about what he or she will do at your place.


And if my place is only available at some days or some hours of the day?

You manage the days or hours available at your place. That will be indicated on the offer and the clients will know what is your availability.


Is the platform safe?

Besides the fact we have an individual and professional community of great trust, we think on everything: verified and assessed profiles, safety payments, guarrentees and encripted messages?? (era isto que querias dizer em PT ? messagens encriptadas ?). We are committed to improve on the platform’s safety level.


How to define my equipment and extras?

When you add your work place, you have the opportunity to define several equipments that the riders can find at home (wi-fi, kitchen access, …). If you select them it means that you offer them to your clients. Extras, on the other hand, can be offered but also payed for, in this case you have to define the price (per pax or per day) and describe, rapidly, what includes the extra. It can be, for example, morning coffee or any other type of extra. Nonetheless if you do not offer these extras, WorkDifferent might offer them in your name, so do not be surprised to see them on your card.


Which are the best practice to use the platform?

You have to be friendly, comunicative, transparent and responsible. Take care of your profile (it is a huge advantage to see your foto!) and also your work place. The quality of the title and its description would make the difference, without mention the fotos, which are the first selection criteria for the majority of the Riders. The better reviews and requests you have, the better it is to start with friendly prices. Finally, be receptive when you receive requests, the users normally send several requests and, sometimes, are tempted to go some place else.


Which are my rights and duties as Host in particular (how to declare,…)?

As particular host, you can rent or subrent your place during the day. Renting at WorkDifferent are not under the same laws as night rental and it is generally less expensive. As individual person, your are not obliged to VAT fee. Learn about your country’s law to verify if your are accordingly to your local regulation.


Which are my rights and duties as professional host (how to declare,….)?

As professional host, you can rent or subrent (under your contract terms) your place a day, or establish a service agreement if your renting incorporates a wide dimension in services (home, cafe,…). As professional or company, you must respect your obligations to the VAT fee. In this context, you should inform as well the income associated to your comany:
By the BIC, if the sublease is an empty place, the income should be named as non-comercial income.
This is, if the sublease is conceded for a company, which is under a corporate tax, the rent will be included in the income, which will be taxed to the companies taxation.

In the case of service provision you will be under the SI, depending on the exact context of your company.


How to manage your Riders’ entrance and exit?

You organize directly with the riders. It is user-friendlier to host your Riders and to give your key by hand. You can leave your keys in your closest post office through our Oh My Keys service.

Can I apply a mobile scale with duration? ( não percebi muito bem a frase em PT, esclarec)

No. The website allows you to modify your offer in any request and to negociate with the Rider.


How to post the price of my Place?

You should take into account many criteria: Location, area, capacity, comfort, available equipments, etc.
For a shared work place (coworking) you will be request to indicate a price per shift. You can wait until you have enough requests in order for the users or the coworking place accepting request. It is recommended to keep a price under 20€ per day.

For total work places rentings (meetings, events, production), you should establish a price for the whole place and also for the whole day. Please, note that the price will be divided into 2 halves a day. The range is wide, but a whole work place is, normally, rented between 100 and 500 euros per day. That can go up to 1500 € and more, for most sophisticated work places.
In every case, we advise you to offer reasonable prices and change according to the offers received. It is also possible to negociate directly with the Rider, once his/her request has been started.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have more advice in how to define your prices.


My house insurance is enough or there are aditional guarantees?

Some insurance policies are enough for this type of rental. However, to allow that every guests can be assured, you can define a deposit level on your work place and all rentals will have a guarentee of damage and/or robbery from WorkDifferent, which allows you to be insured up to 100.00€.


Which are the service rates of WorkDifferent?

To help manage the WorkDifferent platform we charge a variety of service rates.


Work places Fees

We charge a service fee (including taxes, if applicable) every time that a reservation is concluded. It is generally of 7%, but it can change from 7% to 10%. The service fee of hosting are calculated using several factores, including, but not limiting the reservation subtotal, the reservation duration and the work place caracteristics. In general the higher reservation subtotals have less percentage what concerns fares to the client service. The hosting service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal. VAT (before taxes) and it is deducted, automatically, from the Host’s payment. As Host, you will verify your service fee on the reservation stage and in your profile history.

  • Fees relative to aditional services and activities

We charge the partner, who offers aditional service or activities with a service fee of 10%. The partner’s service fee value is calculated from the price that the partners decided for the service provided, including T.V.A. You will verify the partner’s service fee when you define your price before sending an extra. It is deducted, automatically on the partner’s payment.

  • VAT fees on services fees

Depending on the jurisdiction laws in quesiton, the VAT fee can be collected along the Host and Rider’s service fees. This fee will include VAT expenses, if applicable.